Beef Processing

Quality Beef Processing Services

Welcome to Texas Pride Processing, your premier destination for top-notch beef processing services designed to meet your every need.

When it comes to beef processing, we understand that our customers have unique requirements. That's why we offer two distinct processing options to ensure that your beef is handled exactly the way you want it.


State Inspected

Custom Exempt

For those looking to sell their beef legally in the state of Texas, our state-inspected cattle butcher service is the perfect choice. Under this option, your beef is processed under strict conditions, including the presence of a state-inspected processor on-site during processing. This guarantees that your beef meets all regulatory standards and is ready for resale with confidence.

Alternatively, our custom-exempt processing option provides a more affordable solution tailored for consumption by your family. Despite the lower price point, rest assured that this method maintains the same level of safety, cleanliness, and high quality as our state-inspected processing.